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Earlier today, Stupid Criminal stole a car. He parked it outside Safeway while he ran inside to do some shoplifting. He came outside to make a quick getaway to find himself boxed in by an armored car (with armed guards!) delivering money. He drove on the sidewalk to get away and made it as far as the other end of the parking lot where cop cars stopped him. He tried to escape on foot but was caught outside the McDonald's.

The bad news is that it happened at MY local Safeway. The funny news is that the local police headquarters is a block away so it's THEIR local Safeway too. And it all took place under the eyes of library patrons who had a ringside seat with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the parking lot.

Safeway at left (you can see the crime scene tape) and McDonald's at far right (look for the red flag).

ETA: Local news report here I'm so impressed the reporter kept a straight face.


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