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According to Bleeding Cool News the new series of Sherlock is returning on January 1 on BBC. It will be preceded by a minisode sometime during CHristmas break. Good news! (Obviously the link is a tad spoilery)
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I'm fretting over the whole Russian conspiracy thing. I've been vamysteryfan over here at Dreamwidth for a while. If you've friended me here, please friend me on LJ, too. I'm going to try to keep them much more synched.

For a while I wasn't posting fannish things here, because I was linking to it for professional reasons. Now I've set up Wordpress for the business doohickeys. Though if you'd like to read about content strategy and UX, you can stop by there.

Speaking of fannishness, Person of Interest has started well. After a great first ep for Hawaii 5-0, the second wasn't as good. I want to love Agents of SHIELD but I'm not quite there. I thought it was great that Sean Pertwee guested on Elementary. Amazing Race has started well. What are you all watching?
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If you saw last night's episode, you saw two guys tie as co-champions. That's the big secret I couldn't share. It's a fairly rare occurrence on Jeopardy! It also meant I went up against two guys already experienced with that dang buzzer.

In other news, the week I taped the show was its 49th anniversary. Watch this funny clip from MSN for the top 8 funniest moments Ken Jennings saying hoe will never not be funny.

In the category of "Don't Read the Comments" I took a look at the TWoP Jeopardy! forum. They were saying how relaxed Alex was with the new champion and how he showed favoritism. Ben's a really sweet guy but Alex had just come off five weeks vacation. No wonder he was relaxed!
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My "hometown howdy" is up on the Jeopardy!website. Go to and click on my picture. I hope the link works for my non-US flisters.

I don't know why I'm nervous now. It's all over for me, after all. Possibly the thought of millions of people watching me. ...
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I had a mellow weekend. It was too hot to go out and I unplugged for most of it. I am really enjoying the new British channel on WETA. I watched Doctor Who with Christopher Eccleston. I do love the way he says "Fantastic." And they've tacked on excerpts of Doctor Who Confidential so we see a little "making of." I also watched a miniseries called "The Last Enemy" with Benedict Cumberbatch, Nicholas Rush and other very cool actors. It's a little like Person of Interest except the surveillance is public and government-sanctioned. Benedict was very good as a mathematician. I hadn't heard of it before but it's worth catching. I still have a couple of episodes to watch.

I fiddled about with a favorite chicken salad recipe. It's chunkier than most and includes new potatoes. I made it with three different types of dressing - standard mayo-based, mustard, and a basic vinaigrette. All good but the vinaigrette would be best for a picnic.

This week's books:

Dissolution and Dark Fire by CJ Sansom. Set during the later years of Henry VIII, the series features Matthew Shardlake who is a lawyer at Lincoln's Inn. He solves political and murder mysteries. Very well-written and researched and quite absorbing. The author doesn't mince any words when it comes to some of the less savory details of the time. The series was recommended by elmyraemilie. Thanks!

The Bad Book Affair by Ian Sansom. While looking for those, I came across another series by an author named Sansom. These are set during current times and feature a librarian for a bookmobile in northern Ireland. They are ostensibly murder mysteries but just as much slice-of-life stories. A little too self-consciously quirky but still entertaining. I'll try another one.

Founding Brothers by Joseph Ellis. It looks at the interwoven lives of the Revolutionary War leaders. The first twenty years were pretty fragile and personal relationships shaped outcomes. There was interesting information on how slavery issues shaped those first 20 years, on the Burr/Hamilton duel, on Abigail Adams, and on the last years of Adams and Jefferson. Good stuff.
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Watched bits and pieces of the Queen's Jubilee celebrations on TV. The concert last night was great. I was bowled over by the projections on the front of Buckingham Palace, especially during Madness' performance on the roof. ABC made some bad choices in cutting the concert. I don't know how they could have omitted Robbie Williams opening song with the Guards. That was pretty amazing. But overall it was a lot of fun.

It made me nostalgic for my visits to London, especially for the PPP and for Gerri riding the London Eye with me. I dug out the scrapbook and had happy thoughts.

Here's a photo from London's Daily Mail that I thought was beautiful. They had some very nice coverage and info about the events.

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I hadn't seen this linked anywhere so for the Doctor Who fans on my flist:

Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, and Paul McGann in a Q&A session at Collectormania.

There's a nice interview with the five Doctors here. I had no idea David Tennant was married to Peter Davison's daughter. Timey-wimey indeed!
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Our local PBS station has started a channel that's all UK shows. It seems they are starting many of the series from the beginning. Tomorrow night we get the first episode with Doctor 9. I've never seen it. This morning I watched the first episode of As Time Goes By with Judi Dench. Life on Mars is coming soon. This should be good.

In honor of the Queen's Jubilee, I've purchased some good shortbread cookies, to be accompanied by fresh strawberries and whipped cream.

Last night we had some wicked weather. DC was under a tornado watch. No tornados but we had some very high winds with rain. We even lost power for a while. Today there are lots of cleanup crews out.
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Happy May 1 everyone. Happy Law Day. Happy Beltane.

I'm home from dogsitting. I miss Belle - she's such a snuggler. The break in the routine was great but now I are Serious!Person about serious things! Still reading my getting clever books and trying to lose weight for my possible future TV appearance. I planted some herbs in pots out on the balcony. Basil, mint, and nasturtiums, which taste kind of like watercress to me.

Enjoying the runup to season enders for a couple of series. I'm watching the last few episodes of House out of sentiment for how much I loved its first few years. In Plain Sight looks like it's going for a tearjerking ending.

The return of Eureka is a high spot even if it is in its last season. I adore Colin Ferguson and these three episodes have showcased him. But the rest of the cast hasn't gotten short shrift at all.
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Sometimes I go check my network here (the equivalent of "friendsfriends" surfing on LJ. I find interesting things, stories and items I would never otherwise see

Cesperanza linked to this entry about Big Bird contending against an Egyptian god in the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the afterlife of a young boy. Go forth and read. It will confirm that Big Bird is the most awesome of Muppets against whom even the gods contend in vain.

And then I starting hearing O'Neill's voice instead of Big Bird and things got even awesomer.

Go, read. I have to finish the laundry now.
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It was raining this morning so no shadow. It's sunny and about 50 now. I've been reading about the wretched weather in England. Hope you are all snuggled up and staying warm.

The new apartment is working out well. The neighborhood is a little sketchier but the apartment is nicer. There's a balcony - I'm hoping to grow some herbs out there come springtime. The complex also has a pool. I share with another woman, but she's very quiet as well. So far our schedules seem to be meshing well. And no one is stealing my food or threatening me, which is to the good.

My life at the shallow end of the pool has been confirmed. TV Guide ran a list of the top ten sexiest men on TV. Alex O'Loughlin (Hawaii 5-0) was #1. Of the nine shows with men on the list, I follow six of them. But really, who can deny the pretty that is Matt Bomer, Nathan Fillion, or Simon Baker? Full list is here.

Oh, and both Winchester boys were on the list. Someone tell me why I never got into watching Supernatural?
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The nice thing about sitting for Belle is that she gets BBC AMerica. I've been soaking myself in Doctor Who. Sadly, I won't be able to see the Doctor's return tonight.

Happily - Jenn and I are seeing Frankenstein again tonight, this time with Benedict Cumberbatch as the Doctor. Poetic, yes?


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