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I've spent this week taking care of Gracie. Some of you might remember her epic battles with her dog bed. She still fights with it but I couldn't resist this pose:
gracie in bed
We had some glorious Indian summer days but the last view have been rather rainy. Even the doggie wanted to stay in bed. She does NOT like the rain. Autumn has definitely arrived.

Gracie's home is on the 15th floor facing east. On the sunny days it was nice to sit on the balcony and read. Each day I tried to take a photo at the same time. It was fascinating to watch the Potomac River tidal shifts. I'll share a link to the photos soon.
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Patty loved playing fetch with her hedgehog but eventually tired out. She still didn't want to let go of it, though.

sleepy patty
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The Paper Moon by Andrea Camilleri. A very good entry in the series. Lots of red herrings and some interesting introspection from Montalban.

A Hovering of Vultures by Robert Barnard. One of the earliest Charley Peace books. He's one of my favorite recurring characters and some of the others are introduced here. A great plot and a slightly fannish one, involving literary fraud and an author's fans.

Decisive by Chip and Dan Heath. The book aims at imrpoving one's decisionmaking abilities by identifying four traps to reaching good decisions. The answers they have are to widen one's options, reality-test any assumptions, attain some distance before deciding, and prepare to be wrong. I like the authors. They usually give me a different perspective.

Sister 3 is spending a few days at the beach so I'm taking care of her teacup poodle. We call her PattyPaws and she has the longest, fluffiest ears.

Here she is looking for her owner )

Picture me sitting in the big chair )
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It's been a while since I've done a proper post. I finished the dogsitting gig with Gracie and then took care of another dog for a couple of days. I get so attached to my Not My Pets. I miss them when I leave.

Good habit I should have kept - before Jeopardy I was really conscientous about applying moisturizer twice a day. I was amazed at how quickly my skin dried out when I stopped. Now I'm back to doing it. Let that be a lesson to me.

Right now I'm listening to the news from Boston and getting depressed all over again. I hope my sister in Cambridge stays safe and all the peeps in the area. It sounds like the situation is changing very rapidly.
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I'm dogsitting this week for Gracie. She's the sweetest little dog. To me she looks like a little bear cub. She's not a lap dog but if I sit on the floor with her she loves a good petting session :)

meet Gracie )

We've had an unusually chilly February and March in the District. Last year the star magnolias were in full bloom by St. Patrick's Day, with the cherry blossoms close behind. This year the blossoms have stayed tightly furled. Finally, they are coming out. The forsythia already looks lovely. For once the cherry blossoms might be gorgeous for the last week of the festival and the parade. And the Tulip Library down by the Tidal Basin should be nice shortly thereafter
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Also known as the season where the trees fight back. There are acorns and horse chestnuts falling all over the place. It may be a combo of the dry summer and the recent rainstorms but they've been dropping all over. The horse chestnuts are all spiky so when I get bonked by one of them I definitely feel it.

I'm dogsitting this week in upper Northwest. Tonight we were out for walkies about sunset when suddenly four! deer jumped out of the trees across the street, ran across, and disappeared into the trees in front of me. They were so graceful and so unexpected. It's a pretty urban area. (Check Google maps for the intersection of Mass Ave and Macomb Ave. in northwest DC if you're curious). Anyway, now I need to remember my camera in case it happens again.
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Happy May 1 everyone. Happy Law Day. Happy Beltane.

I'm home from dogsitting. I miss Belle - she's such a snuggler. The break in the routine was great but now I are Serious!Person about serious things! Still reading my getting clever books and trying to lose weight for my possible future TV appearance. I planted some herbs in pots out on the balcony. Basil, mint, and nasturtiums, which taste kind of like watercress to me.

Enjoying the runup to season enders for a couple of series. I'm watching the last few episodes of House out of sentiment for how much I loved its first few years. In Plain Sight looks like it's going for a tearjerking ending.

The return of Eureka is a high spot even if it is in its last season. I adore Colin Ferguson and these three episodes have showcased him. But the rest of the cast hasn't gotten short shrift at all.
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Watching over Belle this week. She's a bossy dog who loves attention. I wish there was some way of getting a photo of her sticking her nose under my elbow when she thinks I've spent enough time on the computer :) It's been a little chilly and damp in DC this week, so it's fun having her snuggle up. If only she didn't snore.

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Dogsitting duties are over but I do have one funny picture. Zach the Yorkie and Bailey the Lab often have tussles over chew toys. I swear Bailey taunts Zach sometimes by dangling the toy perilously close. Anyway, this little fox eventually had the stuffing (and squeaker) chewed out of it. Zach sounds so fierce when he goes after it but he is doomed to lose. He's about the size of Bailey's head, after all.

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I had a very nice weekend with the doggies. I didn't take any photos this time but they were so cute. A firefly got in the house and sent them into a frenzy until the Lab caught it/ate it. I pigged out on reruns of Burn Notice and Doctor Who and some old movies (Navy SEALs with Michael Biehn (hot!), Oceans 13 (not enough Scott)), and The Replacements (my guilty pleasure movie).

I wish there was some way to get a photo of the dogs sleeping with me - me on my side, the Lab at my feet, one Yorkie in front of my stomach, the other balanced on my hip. I can't roll over without the dogs getting very grumpy indeed. But I am not at all a pushover for them - I'm the boss. (shyeah, right).
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The nice thing about sitting for Belle is that she gets BBC AMerica. I've been soaking myself in Doctor Who. Sadly, I won't be able to see the Doctor's return tonight.

Happily - Jenn and I are seeing Frankenstein again tonight, this time with Benedict Cumberbatch as the Doctor. Poetic, yes?
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The dogsitting is over tomorrow. It's been a fun week. Belle is a pushy little puppy. She loves to be petted and demands it. She'll even push my hands off whatever else I'm doing with her nose if I'm not paying enough attention to her. I also really get a workout with her. I like to walk but Belle pushes it into a workout. She's not a mini-mutt either. She weighs about 40 lbs.

Belle lives in Upper Northwest near American University. The bus goes past Embassy Row and the US Naval Observatory. The dogwoods and azaleas are putting on a spectacular show. Pollen is of course the only downside.


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