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I first visited Washington DC when I was five years old. My parent bought us all small stuffed dolls. Mine was Mr. Big. I still have it and know where it is at all times.
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Writers' Block Question: What is your earliest vivid memory? Why do you think this memory stands out so much in your mind?

Being in the hospital when I was two. I was indignant that they put me in a crib. I also remember having hamburger for dinner. I don't remember the operation at all, but I remember the food.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]There used to be a science fiction art store in Annapolis called Pendragon. I spent a lot of money there. They sold artists' proofs of book covers, lovely little glass and metal figurines of dragons, jewelry, and more. My favorite purchase was a little green dragon using his own flame to roast marshmallows.

And DC used to have two wondrful sience fiction bookstores - Moonshadow on Pennsylvania Avenue and Chaos on Wisconsin. I still miss them.


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