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 Yesterday we had an all-day department meeting. It was pretty intense - my brain was fried by the end. We did get a nice little goody bag at the end. Mostly notebooks and pens and even a charger for tech devices. Isn't it funny that tech companies hand out notebooks and pens - the old style is still with us. Today is all catch-up. 

DC didn't get that much snow. It was mostly sleet. I hope my New York and Massachusetts friends are managing okay.
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Sometimes, just this quickly. Around 2 pm I saw the classic mackerel sky and mares' tails. The sunset was really spectacular, with lots of reds and oranges. Just about 7 pm I was walking home and i noticed the clouds had cleared enough to see Venus and a gorgeous crescent moon. My photo was too blurry, so I'm using Phil Plait's. But that was about how it looked. The next morning we woke up to rain. I caught it about 11 am while crossing the bridge into Georgetown.

Couldn't resist sharing:

DC weather
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Plug in a city and get your Star Wars weather. Even the error page is awesome. Temperatures are in Celsius.
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I could watch the lightning coming from a long way off before the storm finally arrived. The winds were really ferocious. The weather still looks pretty threatening.
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To all my New York/New England peeps, let's be careful out there. The storm is looking epic!

Great story with high-res picture here

Here's a taste:
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for some unknown reason. It was on my morning news show, too.

Actual headline: BBC apologises for forecasting sunshine
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to all my Canadian friends! And Rabbit, Rabbit!

Still no power. I tossed a bunch of food today. That hurt, but it was just too long defrosted. I'm spending today hanging out in the library. My laptop is getting cranky in the heat, so I'm using their computers too. They are staying open later than usual to accommodate all the people without power. I'm bummed because the Leverage marathon was today. Ive been looking forward to it for a month.

Yesterday they had to close the Smithsonian Folklife Festival on the Mall to review the damage. It did reopen today. The AIDS Quilt is part of the display this year. I wonder how they managed to protect it.

Hope you are all staying cool! (or warm if that's what's needed.)

ETA: I did a little vid during the storm I was amazed by the near-constant lightning. Some of the flashes were an eerie orange-y color.
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So it got up to 104 in DC yesterday. I made a nice cooling Salad Nicoise for dinner and settled in. A little after 11 one of the more violent thunderstorms I've seen in a while made its presence known. We lost power - it's still out.

I did a little vid during the storm I was amazed by the near-constant lightning. Some of the flashes were an eerie orange-y color.

Lots of trees are down, power went out for hundreds of thousands, and worst of all they are saying maybe five people died in the storm.

Word of the day: derecho means a line of fast-moving violent thunderstorms.
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Our local PBS station has started a channel that's all UK shows. It seems they are starting many of the series from the beginning. Tomorrow night we get the first episode with Doctor 9. I've never seen it. This morning I watched the first episode of As Time Goes By with Judi Dench. Life on Mars is coming soon. This should be good.

In honor of the Queen's Jubilee, I've purchased some good shortbread cookies, to be accompanied by fresh strawberries and whipped cream.

Last night we had some wicked weather. DC was under a tornado watch. No tornados but we had some very high winds with rain. We even lost power for a while. Today there are lots of cleanup crews out.


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