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Jeff Gates has brilliantly reimagined World War 2 posters for the upcoming election. It's an effort to return some civility to the political process. They are on view at the Curator's Office this week.
Here are two of them:

You can view all 44 (and buy a bumper sticker!) at his website They are tiny but mighty!

The Contemporary Wing has a popup gallery with some amazing artists through November 23. Shepard Fairey, Elizabeth Catlett, and the Guerrilla Girls are among those featured. An interesting documentary by Ralf Schmerberg plays in a side room. He asked different people the same set of questions and got fascinating responses.

At Civilian Art Projects, Judy Jashinsky has 13 Days and Nights: the Cuban Missile Crisis. The exhibit includes portraits of figures from the time with their thoughts, the moon phases for each night, and other works. It's hard to realize what it was like fifty years ago.
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They arrested . . . the sink?!?
Boston Police Arrest Occupy Boston's Sink. With video!

Funny but pointed comments here from Spiderine (it has an age warning first, but just click through)
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The countdown to Christmas is underway. Today the President lights the National Christmas Tree down on the Mall.

It is also World AIDS Day. The Hirshhorn Museum is going all pink tonight to call attention to it.
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A propos of the Nerdprom, he said "The President knew what was going to happen in Pakistan but he still took the time to kick Trump in the nuts."
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I got up at my usual time and they were still in Westminster Abbey so I watched the rest. I loved her dress and the maid of honor's dress was equally lovely. Harry seemed to be cheeking his brother at the altar - cute. They both looked so happy.

I did think it was funny when William drove the Aston Martin convertible to Clarence House. So cute.

Mazel tov!
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Looks like LJ is experiencing another DDoS attack. I've had a few quick peeks at my home page but they vanish pretty quickly.
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Geraldine Ferraro dies at age 75 from multiple melanoma. She was a political pioneer, the first woman nominated as a vice-presidential candidate.. She also (and I id not know this) started the Special Victims Bureau in New York.


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