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That was strange. He beat all the contestants he met that Wednesday and then he lost. He'll be back for the Tournament of Champions, though.

The new winner is even taller than Ben.
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That was the last one of the Jeopardy contestants I met, except for Ben. I'll keep cheering him on.

ETA: I forgot Beth! She'll be on tonight. She'll be the last.
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I took this from the television set in the hotel. My family is snarking in the background. I didn't realize I said Aaah before every selection. It's only a small part of Double Jeopardy.

And apologies to my Downunder friends that I didn't know mako. Maaco is a car repair company here in the states and my niece thought it was hilarious.
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Thank you all for your amazingly kind comments! It's hard to believe that it's been eighteen months since I first tried out. I actually feel pretty good about how I looked and sounded last night. It was hard - that dang buzzer! I'm glad they didn't show how hard I was actually wrestling with it. I made a good comeback in the double jeopardy round but really - four letter fish?!?! I studied Africa, Anatomy, Architecture, Pop Culture - who the heck studies four letter fish? And two entirely unrelated things? What kind of a category is that? My family liked my shout out. Ben is a sweet guy - I wish him nothing but the best.

The next morning, I met up with Ben and the two holdover contestants from the day before before they left. Since there were co-champions, there were extra holdovers.
Ben and other contestants

Sisters 6, 9 and 11 arranged a nice party for me. They rented a hotel room down by the Mall. We watched Jeopardy! together and then went down and watched the fireworks. That is such a civilized way to do it. After the fireworks we went back to the hotel room and had dessert while we waited for the crowds to thin out. I have a ton of photos. After I weed them out I'll post some.

And contrary to Weird Al, I did not bring shame and disgrace onto my family for generations to come. Yay!
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If you saw last night's episode, you saw two guys tie as co-champions. That's the big secret I couldn't share. It's a fairly rare occurrence on Jeopardy! It also meant I went up against two guys already experienced with that dang buzzer.

In other news, the week I taped the show was its 49th anniversary. Watch this funny clip from MSN for the top 8 funniest moments Ken Jennings saying hoe will never not be funny.

In the category of "Don't Read the Comments" I took a look at the TWoP Jeopardy! forum. They were saying how relaxed Alex was with the new champion and how he showed favoritism. Ben's a really sweet guy but Alex had just come off five weeks vacation. No wonder he was relaxed!
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Last night's episode was filmed after a five-week break in taping. Sonrisa had to go home and come back five weeks later. (and try to keep the secret all that time)

I met all these people. We hung out. So nice to see them again.
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My "hometown howdy" is up on the Jeopardy!website. Go to and click on my picture. I hope the link works for my non-US flisters.

I don't know why I'm nervous now. It's all over for me, after all. Possibly the thought of millions of people watching me. ...
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I look like the cat that got the canary and the cream:

Alex and Karen )

Me and Alex are likethat. :)
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Bad habits are hard to break. Creating good habits is an incremental effort. Some of the ones I formed for Jeopardy aren't worth keeping, such as all the trivia study. But there are some worth hanging onto. Keeping off the weight I lost is obviously a good habit to keep. Less alcohol and chocolate and more protein are keepers. I did learn that there's no point to empty calories. If I'm going to eat I'm going to enjoy it. I also like the herbal tea at bedtime. Hula-hooping is a keeper but I need to find another exercise for my arms.

I'm ambivalent about continuing to keep records of what I've read on Goodreads, after its acquisition by Amazon. But I do like having some sort of record. I'll also stick with one good nonfiction and one good non-genre fiction book a week (plus any genre and work reading).

I might not be as dedicated to doing daily puzzles but they are fun and easy to do on my Metro rides. Have they really improved my mental acuity? Who knows, but there's no harm in keeping it up. It's a better way to spend Metro rides than vegging out.

In general, the habit of perseverance is a keeper. It took fifteen months to get to Jeopardy. Persevering in the good habits is a good habit in itself.
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Registration for the Jeopardy online test is now open. It's the first step to appearing on the show. Go on, give it a try. You know you've always wanted to.

Book post

Dec. 3rd, 2012 04:39 pm
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I read "Final Jeopardy: Man vs Machine and the Quest to Know Everything" by Stephen Baker. Researchers at IBM spent years and over a billion dollars developing a machine that could compete on Jeopardy!. It was interesting reading how they analyzed the questions so they could teach the machine to recognize puns and irony and even how to use the buzzer. Ultimately it was pointless. They had to find ways to repurpose the machine after the contest was over. I hope all the algorithms were useful in writing other software. Otherwise it was one of the most expensive PR stunts in history.

The book was good though. There are a lot of scientific studies out there based on Jeopardy!. Gaming theory, sex discrimination, all sorts. If you go on Google Scholar, they are easy to find. Our brains automatically make connections that the machine has to be taught to make. I learned a lot about how I process information.

And how could I resist the title? I do need to know everything :)


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