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This was a lunchtime potluck that included some people from other departments. It was nice - kind of a mixed bag as these things always are. The oddest one was cookies made in the shape of wreaths out of cornflakes tinted green. They looked beautiful but were sweeter than Rice Krispy treats. I also had the best rice pudding I've ever had.

<lj-cut text="cookie wreath">
<img src="" alt="cornflake" title="cornflake"></lj-cut>

I see there are many beautiful Jim and Blair stories for me to read. That's how I will occupy my weekend. Hope everyone enjoys theirs as well.

Hard to believe Christmas is only three weeks away (insert obligatory AAAARGH!)
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Always fun watching the new year sweep around the globe. The Kiwis and Aussies are already tucked in for the night and the party is just getting started in Europe. Out turn is still a few hours away.

I spent the weekend after Christmas dogsitting for a friend. It was actually quite nice - I saw some beautiful Christmas lights. The US Naval Observatory outlined the anchors out front with lights and a lot of the embassies had wreaths at the least and some had lights.

Christmas in DC can be quite lovely. Other years I've posted photos of the National Christmas Tree and other sights. This year I think I focused on silly inflatables. It's nice that they put wreaths on all the markers at Arlington National Cemetery for the week. It looks so pretty as we drive past every morning.

The guy who won my week on Jeopardy! is visiting DC this week. We had drinks together. He's as nice as I remembered. His girlfriend is here too and she was in the audience that day. I don't even remember her but she had some great stories about watching the taping.

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous New Year! May it bring you every good thing!
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The apartment complex near the bus stop has been adding inflatable decorations to its display. It started with just the snowman family, then they added Santa, and now they've added Mickey. It's a mixture of strange and adorable.

Balloon Family

I added the snowflakes.
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Someone has put a giant Santa on top of an apartment house in Georgetown. He can be seen by everyone coming across Key Bridge. It just cracks me up.

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when people catch up - "let's get together this holiday season" is a frequently heard refrain. I had a nice brunch today with the tech group I volunteer for. They are planning a big holiday party with several other tech groups for next week. The admission charge is a bit steep, so I'm not sure I can justify going. But it was nice to have my contributions recognized.

Today is errand day. They are predicting bitter weather for tomorrow, so I am stocking up on books and things in case they are right this time (DC forecasters freqeuntly aren't).

Hiope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!
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Comes from visiting an art gallery last night. The artist made an amusing fake holiday view. The painting behind the frame is nice, but the stuff on the windowsill makes it.

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I wanted to take a photo of the Christmas tree the company put up in the courtyard:
Courtyard tree

But then I looked a little more closely and cracked up
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Has now kicked in. Do not gain weight between Halloween and Twelfth Night. I can eat what I like but I have to come out on the far side weighing the same as I did. Best appetite governor I have.


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