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Franklin School is a historic DC building that was closed for several years while developers fought over it. It was acquired by an art institute. They invited about 300 photographers (staggered through the day) to take photos to be featured in a "before and after the renovation" exhibit. It was fun wandering around the building, paying attention to light sources and trying to figure out what might be a good shot. I get to submit five. It was a hard choice but here are my entries: the final five )
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It was Con.txt and it was awesome! I'll talk about the panels and fannishness in a minute but first let me show you my lovely new bookends:

And Sentinel fans will understand why this fountain cracked me up:
the blairs

the rest is back here and is long )

There you have it. Great weekend, great women, great conversations!

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I'm fretting over the whole Russian conspiracy thing. I've been vamysteryfan over here at Dreamwidth for a while. If you've friended me here, please friend me on LJ, too. I'm going to try to keep them much more synched.

For a while I wasn't posting fannish things here, because I was linking to it for professional reasons. Now I've set up Wordpress for the business doohickeys. Though if you'd like to read about content strategy and UX, you can stop by there.

Speaking of fannishness, Person of Interest has started well. After a great first ep for Hawaii 5-0, the second wasn't as good. I want to love Agents of SHIELD but I'm not quite there. I thought it was great that Sean Pertwee guested on Elementary. Amazing Race has started well. What are you all watching?
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This was interesting. The author is a longtime volunteer at WorldCon I'd be curious to hear what others have to say on it.

She's a little pessimistic, but makes some good points. A certain note of exhaustion comes through but that's part of the issues with volunteers, isn't it?

I'd be particularly curious to hear what Con.txt folks think about it.
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"Amazon Publishing Introduces “Kindle Worlds,” a New Publishing Model for Authors Inspired to Write Fan Fiction—Launching with an Initial License of Popular Titles from Warner Bros. Television Group’s Alloy Entertainment"

What's the betting? It will crash and burn? Amazon and the licensors will go after other fanfic communities? One big yawn?
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There's something so nice about being able to sit down and squee over television shows and movies with people who really get it.

The hotel was under major renovation )

Saturday, I had lunch with Barb, Teresa, Kris, Zan and Kathy at the Tastee Diner. We hung out in their room for a while. For dinner we were joined by DC and Dicynthus (real names Lori and Susan (?)) The restaurant made us wait a long time for the food, so we had to rush eating. Because Teresa and Barb are incredible women, I was able to see the vid show. Some of the vids were spectacular; a few made me want to find the original movie. There were Stargate videos, a really good Sherlock one and a very sweet Community one.

Sunday I may have acquired a new fandom. I went to a panel on Justified. It sounds really intriguing with crackling dialogue and strong characters. Also Tim Olyphaunt seems to have that sexy leaning thing down pat.

Part of the fun of Con.txt is the comment wall. I've posted a couple of items that really caught my eye. If you've been there you know what I mean.

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It was such a wonderful weekend. I got all misty at the end.
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Through the wonderfulness that is [personal profile] simonesa and [personal profile] lovekeller, I had an amazing Saturday and Sunday.

Before I forget, I do want to post a few more photos from our tour around DC. We had terrific weather for it.

Fangirls, monuments, and memorials )
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I just saw Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Very cerebral movie. Fantastic acting. Lots of little subtle bits. Benedict Cumberbatch looked great with the very straight ginger hair and the stylish suits. He has a couple of scenes where I was awed by the way he sold the emotions. I wasn't that big a Tom Hardy fan before. But A. those lips and eyes! and B. Good acting. And Gary Oldham was fantastic. Also, can I just say $8.00 for the matinee?!? Ouch!

Pic of the day is a little more poignant than usual. At the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, they put wreaths around the necks of the lions and lionesses. So sweet.

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"In case that 0.00000000000000000001% comes true -- thank you to all my fandom friends. You've helped make the last ten years lots of fun."
Moved, seconded, and carried by acclimation!!


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