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I'm backed up on my reading list and I haven't posted here in a while. I need to catch up.

by Steven Kotler. A collection of essays on current science practices that read like science fiction. Terraforming? Think about the Army Corps of Engineers. Flying cars? Gyrocopters. Geordi Laforge's visor? There's a visual prosthetic in use. It was a lot of fun to read for science nerds and science fiction fans.
You're Not Lost If You Can Still See the Truck by Bill Heavey. This is a collection of essays by a Field & Stream writer. I'm not at all into hunting or fishing but he makes it sound interesting. He has a lot of adventures and misadventures. There are a couple of essays about his family, including a very moving one about losing a daughter to SIDS.
A is for Arsenic: the poisons of Agatha Christie by Kathryn Harkup. During the two world wars, Agathie Christie was a pharmacist. Her knowledge is reflected in her use of poison in her novels. From arsenic to veronal, the author follows a pattern for each poison. She picks a book that features a poison, talks about a real-life case that Christie might have heard about, gives the history and current science, and then talks some more about the book. My eyes did slide a little past the technical bits, but it was very interesting. For Christie fans, it's a must.


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