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After reading some of [personal profile] thefourthvine's tweets, I have added some and summarized others to reach The Other 10 Laws of Editing.
1. Do not create a phrase to describe your content and then turn the phrase into an acronym.
2. Writing doesn't get easier - you learn how to get through the hard parts better
3. Sooner or Later You Have to Give in and Use a Period. I Really Mean It.
4. If Your Sentence Is 75+ Words Long, the Editor Is Allowed to Tape Your Fingers Together When You're Typing
5. If Your Sentence Extends over More Than One Paragraph, the Editor Will Cry at Her Desk and It Will Be YOUR FAULT
6. I Am Not Personally Responsible for the Differences Between British and American English So Stop Yelling
7. When you have an idea this interesting, HIRE AN EDITOR to check your video's text.
8. If You Use the Space Bar Instead of Tab and Indent, You Will Die Alone
9. A Thesaurus Is a Powerful Weapon and the Editor Has the Right to Invalidate Your License to Wield It
10. If You Change Your Work after Sending It to the Editor, the Editor Is Legally Entitled to Your Lunch Got others?


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