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My nephew's daughter is 15 months old. She's been baby-babbling recently. On Christmas Day she demonstrated her new kiss-blowing ability.

I think all the stimulus from the aunts pushed her into word territory. In addition to Mama and Dada she started saying Bye and Thank You and Doctor! after Doctor Who. I've gotten my nephew into the show and we now have the littlest fangirl ever. I'm going to find her a fez. Or a Stetson.
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Of course, in America it was a dark day in our history. But on this day in 1963 we entered the TARDIS for the very first timeā€¦ Relive the moment: Things have changed quite a bit but it's still a great show!
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A visit to Congressional Cemetery. It was pretty gray and gloomy on Saturday afternoon when I was there but very peaceful. If you stand at the right spots, there's no trace of the highways or surrounding buildings. Founded in 1807, it's best known for the graves of Sousa and Hoover. Except for standard tablets, there are more obelisks than any other memorial. There are 171 cenotaphs commemorating senators and representatives who died in office but only 59 are actually buried here. A number of people related to the Lincoln assassination are buried here as well.

It was so gray, I did play with enhancements a little :)

Maidens and Memorials )

And all the stone angels made me think of Doctor Who. That part was creepy.
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The BBC is doing a special TV movie that will commemorate the show's 50th Anniversary: It will be all about how the show was created back in 1963. SHould be really interesting!
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I hadn't seen this linked anywhere so for the Doctor Who fans on my flist:

Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, and Paul McGann in a Q&A session at Collectormania.

There's a nice interview with the five Doctors here. I had no idea David Tennant was married to Peter Davison's daughter. Timey-wimey indeed!


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