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Finally saw it over Memorial Day weekend with Sister 4. It is mostly wonderful. It has the best opening credits ever. The big battle scene near the end dragged a bit, and the very end was designed to be a tear-jerker. Did not (once again) recognize Karen Gillan under all the makeup. Great soundtrack, great cameos, and the Easter eggs during the closing credits were great! All in all totally worth it.

I'm planning on seeing Wonder Woman this weekend - we saw the trailer and it looked terrific. Some of the other upcoming films looked intriguing, especially Dunkirk.

Other than that, it was a quiet weekend. I needed the extra downtime. Worked on job-hunting, looked for apartments, the usual errands. Hope everyone had a great one!
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It's starting out cloudy, but then I'm not a pool person so I'm okay. I just hope it doesn't rain for the parade or concert.

Memorial Day is now inextricably tied to motorcycles for me. That's because of the annual "Rolling Thunder" ride, where bikers gather in DC and on Sunday ride from the Pentagon, around the Mall and then gather at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Last year there were upwards of 250,000 of them. But they zoom around town all weekend for various events and gatherings. One thing I never knew, on Friday, any bikers who have arrived gather at Washington National Cathedral for a blessing of the bikes ceremony. I think that's kind of cool.
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After 7 or 8 consecutive days of gloom and rain, we finally had some sun this morning. Changes everything, doesn't it? Alas, it's clouding over again, just in time for rush hour. We have a 3-day weekend coming up. I plan to stay in the jammies as long as possible. Please pass over a cabana boy to keep me company.
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Warning: Rant Ahead

I haven't written in a while, just because I've been completely swamped at work and at home.

Last Friday, we were coasting though the afternoon, just waiting for the weekend. My boss was thinking about going home early. At 2:30 we get a call that 100 people are starting on a short term project THE NEXT MORNING. Mad scramble ensues as we try to prep their workspaces, prepare their paperwork and handouts, and generally get ready. The onboarding Saturday morning was a nightmare, mostly because a newer staff member decided she had a much better procedure than the one we've been using for months. Chaos ensued.

It's a high security building but no building staff were on hand - the notice was too short. I spent most of the day walking people between the front door and the elevator and badging them upstairs. I put in 10,000 steps on one short hallway. I stayed until 6:30 trying to finish paperwork.

I told everyone that I would be there at 8:00 am to start letting people in. I got there at 7:45 and there were already 6 people waiting. Couldn't even get coffee. Cue a repeat of the previous day, letting people in and badging them up in the elevators. But Sunday they forgot to make arrangements for me to get a lunch break and a restroom break. I had to make a fuss about it. Most of the fulltimers didn't even show up that day. The project didn't end Sunday night after all. It actually lasted until Wednesday afternoon. We had people coming and going at all hours, but building staff finally got them temp badges.

At least I'm not in the HR department. Processing all that paperwork so people could get paid on time must have been crazy.

he less said about where I live the better. I've been having terrible arguments with my housemates. I'm looking for a new place but it's slow. There - that's off my chest. I have a nice class tonight I'm looking forward to and tomorrow's Friday!
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I had a reasonably fun weekend. I spent a lot of money on myself, anyway. I got my hair cut short for the summer. I was way overdue for a haircut, but I didn't want anybody touching my scalp until it was less sore. And I sprang for a few new clothes, shampoo, conditioner, lotion. Sprucing myself up for the hotter weather, I guess. There was an artists' open studios tour. I usually go on that every spring and buy some cards. The paintings are way out of my price range, but the cards are nice to share. Fortunately, the weather cleared up for Sunday, so it was nice walking around.
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Hope everyone has nice plans. And if you are a mother, hope your day is properly celebrated! If yours is still with you, be sure to celebrate her! This week went by really quickly. It was unusually cool and rainy here in DC. I kind of feel my get up and go has got up and went. My energy level isn't up to par. I'm hoping to make this weekend productive, at least. Whatever your plans, have an ab fab time!

I'm back

May. 2nd, 2017 04:57 pm
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I had an amazing visit with Sister 10 out in Arizona. We did some sightseeing, ate some good food, and generally talked and caught up on things. It's been a year since Sister 3's passing and my other siblings aren't at a stage where they can talk about it. But we could. And I think she liked the extra company on the anniversary. I know I did. We went out during the daytime, but stuck close to her home in the evenings, except for one night. We went to a mariachi conference closing night. Three hours of mariachi music! A lot of it was beautiful music with words that were lost on me since I don't know Spanish. I enjoyed it a lot. My photos will be available RSN but here's some links to our top stops: Tucson Botanical Gardens It featured a Frida Kahlo exhibit Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum It reminded me a lot of Moonridge, except Moonridge focused on the Alpine climate and they focused on Arizona (obviously) DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun A terrific place to wander around. I took tons of photos and am still sorting them out.
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Referencing the Monty Python skit. My face looks much better, but I'm still getting horrendous headaches. I need a haircut very badly but the scalp is still sensitive. An eagle chick hurt its leg in the nest and had to be rescued. It wasn't until I saw the man in the nest that I had some sense of scale how big they are. Niece 4.1.1 (she's 5) now wants to be an "Eagle Vet." She reenacts the rescue. Too freaking adorable. I'm spending a long weekend in Arizona visiting Sister 10 soon. I'm so looking forward to it! There will be photos!
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from the Easter weekend. Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday! ETA: Well rats. They worked in preview. I'll see if I can fix it
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Happy Easter to everyone celebrating the day! It was glorious weather here in DC. I spent the day with my sisters. The day even ended with a rainbow - how poetic! Sister 6 was a professional chef at one point and she does Easter brunch/dinner like nobody else. Usually I am on a low carb diet but today I went all out. Steak, turkey, pancakes, eggs, and carrot cake. I am in a carbohydrate stupor! It was also great to catch up with the siblings. Niece 11.1 is heading to Chicago next week with her choir for a competition. Apparently, this is a thing for her. She also passed her driving test and can pick up her license after June 1. (I am old.)
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Or whatever. The face is healing reasonably quickly. I no longer scare small children on the street and today I was able to work a full day. I visited a couple of art exhibits over the weekend. There's a group trying to make over some underground train tracks into an art installation location. They are on their third go-round and it's been pretty interesting. They recycled balls to look like stalactites and stalagmites and now they've added some elaborate graffiti/artwork. I thought it was cool. It was a bit darkish but that added to the ambience.
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After a couple of terribly rainy days, we have bright sunshine today. That is nice, because there are two parades in DC today. The first is the Cherry Blossom Parade, which officially ends the season. This was the starting point the starting point Later on today is the Emancipation Day Parade. It's a little early this year - Emancipation Day isn't until next Monday. I do like all the reenactors in the various Confederate and Union uniforms. Unfortunately, the tree pollen is back too. I'm sneezing like crazy
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in all this kerfuffle? Happy Birthday [personal profile] arnie1967! Hope you had a wonderful day!

We're back

Apr. 7th, 2017 10:41 am
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I do not like the new Russian TOS over at LJ, so most of my posting will now be here. I'll crosspost there sometimes and keep an eye on communities. I have to figure out how to add photos here. Spring has sprung. The Cherry Blossom parade is tomorrow. The weather has been crazy - all over the map.
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Isn't it wonderful that the first night of Hannukah conincides with Christmas Eve this year? Whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year, hope it's happy!
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Happy Birthday, AndeinCascade! Hope you had a great day
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 For reasons that do not need explaining at this juncture ...

I don't post here a lot anymore. When the reasons go away I will resume. But I do still post on Livejournal.
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 Happy Birthday, [Bad username or unknown identity: elmyraemilie  ! Hope you're having a wonderful day!]
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Tough choices, keeping it down to just 10. But these are worth the reading.

 The Peripheral by William Gibson
Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson
The Very Best of Charles deLint by Charles deLint
Every Fifteen Minutes by Lisa Scottolini
The Nature of the Beast by Louise Penny
Sisters in Law by Linda Hirshman
Forensics by Val McDermid
Future Crimes by Marc Goodman
The Geography of Genius by Eric Weiner
Sapiens by Yuval Harari
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To-Read Shelf
Coming of Age at the End of Days by Alicia LaPlante
Sisters in Law by Linda Hirshman (About Sandra Day O'Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg)
Currently Reading
Zoo by James Patterson (there's a CBS miniseries on now)
The Human Age: The World Shaped by Us by Diane Ackerman (nonfiction; it seemed to fit well with Zoo)
Finished This Week
It's been a beach-read kind of week. Nothing heavy.
The Black Box by Michael Connelly. A solid police procedural, with roots in the 1992 LA riots and a modern-day resolution
Treachery in Death by J.D. Robb. We know who the bad guys are almost from the beginning. The book is about investigating and pinning down the evidence in a futuristic setting.
Lingo: Around Europe in 60 Languages by Gaston Dorren. If you are interested in words' births, evolutions, and in some cases, deaths, this book is for you. 


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